Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]


What are the benefits of working with Long Distance Assistants?

Partnering with LDA allows you to alleviate worrying about your websites’ performance and continued exposure of your business via the worldwide web. That alone reduces stress and enables you to focus on the goals you originally set out to achieve. Our WP Support Team helps you create a stronger web presence and succeed in your business!

What sort of relationship will I have with LDA?

A personal, yet professional relationship, of course!! To reiterate, we don’t just support….we CARE about your concerns and goals, and work closely with you (as it is YOUR business) to meet and exceed your expectations. Your requests are custom to the needs of your business; we understand that and want to know more, so we can find solutions for you in a variable, yet a very critical portion of your business. Weekly phone or Skype meetings to touch base, skype chats for random updates…whatever works for you and keeps us on the same page!

Will my WP Support Team value confidentiality?

Of course, we will! Your sensitive information and every piece of work you give us will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. We do not take the issue of confidentiality lightly and go to extreme measures to ensure that no breaches ever occur. We use high-quality Anti-Virus and Malware software, and other registry cleaners to keep our PCs clear of any illnesses.

How can we exchange files with assurance of a secure send/receive process?

There are several ways to exchange files in a very secure manner, with ease and simplicity. At Long Distance Assistants, we use Microsoft Outlook, Dropbox and Google Drive. If you have other preferences, please let us know and we will integrate within your custom plan.


    • Microsoft Outlook: Our FAVORITE!! With Microsoft Outlook, you can securely access your emails, contacts, tasks and calendar via your desktop, phone or tablet. When doing anything within Outlook, you can be sure that the transmission is a secure one, as Microsoft has taken every measure to secure any product of theirs.
    • Dropbox: Free…User-Friendly and very secure. Upload your docs, share them with specified people or one person and manage them from the Dropbox site or on your desktop with their cool app.
    • Google Apps: Google has joined the cloud. You can share your documents and also sync with MS Office documents. This allows you to do the work from your computer and sync with Google Drive without actually going online. Making it easier for you to share those documents and have multiple people working on the documents.
How does Long Distance Assistants differ from other WP Support companies?

We put our clients’ needs first! We do what we do because we love it, and to know that someone has created a business that is now their livelihood, but needs assistance in keeping several aspects running smoothly to make time for themselves, their families and the growth of their business(es)…we commend that and are here to help keep the ‘LONG’ in the longevity of your business.

What is a Biz Igniter Session?

It’s more than a consultation! This is a process in which we discuss and evaluate with you, the needs of your company that we can certainly help you with. During the Session, our ultimate goal is to create a custom plan that works for you. The only way we feel that we can wholeheartedly assist you in growing your business, is for everyone involved, to be open and honest in our first confidential session. To get set up for your Biz Igniter Session, be sure to fill out the Pre Biz Igniter Questionnaire, as well as the Website Design Questionnaire if interested in the said services.